Saturday, January 7, 2012

Balut Hadiah


Well, tadi aku selesai membalut hadiah with my own hands.. I know bagi sesetengah orang, it just a simple work.. Kacang saja!

This is the story actually..

I love present..  I also love giving present.. But the one that I really, really weak in..
Is to wrap the present neatly -__-"

Yes, its true!

From childhood until now, I can't wrap it nicely.. Mesti akan messy sana sini, if aku yang balut.. It's the same as balut buku.. Dulu-dulu kalau tiba time Hari Guru, aku suka beli hadiah tapi mesti tak reti nak balut.. So, my mom and my dad that will help me and become my teacher to teach me to wrap it.. Siap buat macam-macam style, bentuk kipas, coklat ahah! Kreatif sungguh..

Tadi, I try it by myself.. Well, not bad! Heheh and the good thing is, cara aku balut tidaklah se'messy' dulu :D

Sedang diproses (:


Tq for reading this

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